Prospects for extraction of GPDs from global fits of current and future data

Heavy Ion Laboratory (Cyklotron)

Heavy Ion Laboratory (Cyklotron)

Ludwika Pasteura 5A, 02-093 Warszawa

The meeting will bring together experimental and theoretical researchers for informal presentations and in-depth discussions. A particular goal will be to enable future collaborative work on process simulations and physics impact studies. The topics of the workshop include among the others:

  • experiences in the phenomenology of DVCS/DVMP,

  •  perspectives of the multichannel analysis,

  • the LO and NLO fitting challenges,

  • discussion of the fitting approaches/strategies,

and of course of everything that you think is crucial to make the sound predictions/extractions/fits.

  • Aleksandra Pedrak
  • Anatolii Koval
  • Andrzej Sandacz
  • Arkadiusz Trawiński
  • Barbara Badelek
  • Boguslaw Zwieglinski
  • Christian Weiss
  • Cédric Mezrag
  • Dieter Müller
  • elke-caroline aschenauer
  • Francois-Xavier Girod-Gard
  • Hervé MOUTARDE
  • Jacek Rozynek
  • Jakub Wagner
  • Kemal Tezgin
  • Kornelija Passek-Kumericki
  • Krešimir Kumerički
  • Krzysztof Cichy
  • Lech Szymanowski
  • Marie Boër
  • Maxime DEFURNE
  • Oskar Grocholski
  • Pawel Zupranski
  • Paweł Sznajder
  • Peter Kroll
  • Salvatore Fazio
  • simonetta liuti
  • Stefan Diehl
  • Teresa Tymieniecka
  • Tolga Altinoluk
  • Zygmunt Patyk