20-21 May 2019
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Search for Axionlike Dark Matter through Nuclear Spin Precession in Electric and Magnetic Fields

Not scheduled


Jacek Zejma (Jagiellonian University)


Data collected in the measurement of the neutron electric dipole moment (nEDM) were used to look for the ultralow-mass axionlike dark matter. Analysis of ratio of frequencies of spin-precession of ultracold neutrons and 199Hg atoms enabled us to estimate an axion-induced oscillating electric dipole moment of the neutron and an axion-wind spin-precession effect. Our null result sets the first laboratory constraints on the coupling of axion dark matter to gluons, which improve on astrophysical limits by up to 3 orders of magnitude, and also improves on previous laboratory constraints on the axion coupling to nucleons by up to a factor of 40.

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