About the Workshop

Welcome to the First International Workshop on Complex Glasses.

Metallic glasses have been for a long while a promising direction in materials research, and the field faces a variety of questions from how to understand their atomic structure, make them in bulk, design alloys with specific properties, and study their mechanical behavior.

Thanks to recent advancements in computational and experimental techniques, including the use of machine learning, new avenues have opened up for research in this area. In analogy to their metallic brethren, multi-component or High-Entropy Metallic Glasses have also emerged as a new class of amorphous materials with interesting properties and potential applications.

This workshop has the intention of bring together glass researchers from different backgrounds and fields and discuss the latest developments in this area. The program will include contributions from experimental research, including examples of novel synthesis routes and characterization techniques, as well as theoretical and design approaches to tackle the challenges posed by these complex materials.

We invite researchers and experts to contribute to the workshop by presenting their latest findings in complex glasses.

Social events. On the first day, there will be a brief guided tour to the Palace of Culture and Science, a walk to the Old Town visiting the Marie Curie Museum, and a Chopin concert. Following an aperitif at NOVOTEL. On the second day, there will be the social dinner at NOVOTEL.

Featuring event: visit to AMAZEMET additive manufacturing laboratory.

AMAZEMET is a spin-off company of the Warsaw University of Technology. The company was created as a result of challenges faced by its founder – Łukasz Żrodowski – during his research on metallic glasses 3D printing, when it turned out that solutions created in the process might help also other researchers. Offered products aim to create new possibilities in materials development, especially metallic powders and metal additive manufacturing.

The visit to the company’s additive manufacturing laboratory will feature a guided walk around the facility, but most importantly a live ultrasonic atomization of metal powder performed on a rePowder, device, or metal 3D printing process with the use of Aconity 3D printer. It’s also a great chance to discuss how ultrasonic atomization makes possible the production of small batches of metallic glass powder for research purposes or challenges with metallic glass 3D printing. The tour will be guided by AMAZEMET application engineers and Ph.D. candidates whose everyday work is focused on metal powder production and additive manufacturing.


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